My Daily Diet



I typically have eggs for breakfast- scrambled, over-easy, and a rare omelette with cheese. I love ketchup and sriracha on my eggs.Coffee or Tea are my go-to’s, I use Stevia because sugar and creamer can be secret calories you don’t think of! Track everything you eat! 

I recommend My Diet Diary: it’s a convenient app available for your phone or Chrome browser/online, it lets you scan barcodes or manually enter your food. The best part? It not only tracks your calories, but gives you pie charts and graphs of what your diet consists of!

I never eat cereal, toast, or drink juice for breakfast- the only exception is on occasion I’ll have oatmeal or grits. Juices, cereals…they’re empty calories and really add up, so they do not exist in my diet…ever! I mean, I’ve had two bowls of cocoa Rice Crispies in the past year, as a treat.


I pick and choose different aspects of diets I believe in- the G.I. Diet’s plate proportion is something I abide by- half veggies, a quarter protein, and a quarter starch or carbs. Americans often have a whole or half plate of carbs! 

It’s not like I’m eating salads all the time when I’m dieting- I’ll either make healthier choices or watch my caloric intake…this is something I’ve found works for me.  

If you constantly try fad diets and find yourself going off, binging, then I suggest trying caloric restriction…you can eat anything, but quickly learn what’s expensive caloric ally speaking- especially if you’re working out.  See how many calories you burn on a cardio machine like a stepper, treadmill, bike…you’ll think twice about that candy bar, that CUP of juice or cereal.


I will follow the same guidelines for dinner as I do with lunch, proportion of carbs and vegetables to meat.  I eat chicken, steak, turkey…nothing breaded, fried, use common sense. If I’m having a starchy vegetable like corn, or sugary fruit, I won’t eat a carb like pasta or bread.

The Snacks:

I have Binge-eating bulimia…I don’t purge, it means I gain and lose large amounts of weight over short periods of time.  I’m nocturnal, thus am a night feeder! If there are chips, cookies, candies around- I can’t help myself sometimes, unless I get myself into the mind frame of determined willpower- don’t stick your pantry with temptation! Opt for vegetables, fruits, dried fruit  and nut mixtures are a life-saver for me- they provide protein and are a healthy option- don’t go for sugary salty ones but rather natural and, if you like them raw nut bags. 

The biggest secret I’ve found for my binge-eating? To satisfy the hunger so I don’t pig out! I’ll make a late-night soup: lots of vegetables, sometimes an egg drop soup or with chicken breast to really satiate hungar. Spice is your friend! I love to add thyme, a bay leaf, paprika or cayenne pepper, black pepper, fresh or powdered garlic and onion, whatever you like…I do use spicey spices to boost my metabolism.

Subscribe, this is just the beginning- I have a lot of secrets and tips, and have lost 60lbs myself and helped others lose over 150lbs each!

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