Fit for Free

Whether you’re a student, a struggling artist, a confessed shopaholic, or just strapped for cash- you don’t have to spend to shed pounds. What? No meal plans, gym memberships, books, expensive food? Yes! Believe it or not…I’ve usually worked out in-home or outdoors for free. See my previous post on my fitness routine and weightloss:…

All Types of Diets and Tips for Weightloss

I’ve tried all types of diets since my childhood, when I was very overweight from the ages of 7-13.  I was a thin healthy kid until my family moved us to North and South Carolina, where we likely ate out of boredom. On my journey, I found certain fad diets didn’t give lasting results, and…

Celebrity Fitness: Star Quality

Celebs cover fitness mags accross the board: Ryan Reynolds on Men’s Health, Kate Hudson on Self, and Jaimie Alexander on Shape.  Stars known for their bodies, fitness, health and diet often cover fitness magazines more than fitness gurus and models.  Studies show people trust attractive people, and because these are familiar faces of presumed healthy…

Fitness Routine

My fitness routine is varied, which helps me keep from getting bored, but is also good for weight-loss and building muscle. Speaking of getting bored, I am not the type to consistently go to the gym although I have been good at doing so, particularly when I was in California and when I dropped 60lbs….

How I lost Over 30lbs for Spring & Summer

I lost over 30lbs for spring and summer: no gym, no starving, no deprivation- just caloric intake and working out at home. The real secret? Pole fitness- yes, pole dancing. My friend took me to a class and I’ve been hooked on this core-targeting exercise ever since.