Vivetta Fall 2019

Jeepers Kreepers…why’d they cut out peepers? Jeepers kreepers…hats just don’t need eyes. Vivetta presented questionable, plagiarized, and brilliantly conceived and executed designs for Fall 2019. While I hate the peephole hats and poor copy of Jeremy Scott’s teddy bear designs, I found the embellished florals with Lilly of the Valley appliqué absolutely remarkable.

Gucci Fall 2019

Gucci Fall 2019 mixed goth with victorian era and 50’s styled with a touch of horror to put on a sumptuous show slithering with snake skin, leather, spiked collars and masks, weird ear pieces, all contrasting the light flowing sheer chiffon, silk, lamé, complete with cravats and frill. Those green skin pants with the mustard…

Prada Fall 2019

Prada Fall 2019 killed it in the boot department- those combat boots with and without straps and pouches are to die for solely for the sole. I’m sure the shades will look great on some and ridiculous on most, but they’re unique and cool nonetheless. The prints and appliqués definitely made the garments pop off…

Iceberg Does Disney

Iceberg’s Fall 2019 collection, a rather sporty one with neon colors contrasting black, featured Disney’s Cinderella and Snow White graphic sweaters.