3D Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2018 SS18

This is a 3D fashion show created in Marvelous Designer 7, and edited in After Effects (I switched to Premier Pro).

I was inspired by the 50’s, unrequited love and yellow flowers (tabebuia), love and heartbreak. I created all the designs and prints myself (the only exceptions are the rainbow butterfly, suiting, and poodle). I decided the environment would be within a labyrinth, symbolizing not only springtime and life, but the maze that both love and the 50’s can create in one’s heart and mind- love and heartbreak can leave one feeling lost, trapped, curious and adventurous, while the 50’s were a time of great limitations for women, different ethnic groups.

The Lineup:

3D fashion show spring/summer 2018 ss18 by fashion designer, fashion illustrator, graphic designer perry uwanawich featuring womenswear, menswear, bridal, and swimwear.

The Palette and Prints:

prints by fashion designer graphic designer fashion illustrator perry uwanawich

Butterflies and Moths translated into literal and abstract prints, with some pattern pieces and garments mirroring the shapes of the wings, as well as appliques. When I created the men’s caftan in real life, ironically, the pattern piece for the leather yoke was the shape of a butterfly and still evokes a harness inspiration. A heart shape creates the train and front of the skirt on one of the bridal gowns.

Yellow has always symbolized, as has Tabebuia, unrequited love, and heartbreak, thus I centered the collection around them. I chose to embody the different styles that came out of the fifties, the sock hoppers, greasers, beatniks and the glamour evoked by old Hollywood.

I used Marvelous Designer 7, and previously used Marvelous Designer 5 for my first 3D Fashion Show. The software allows you to create patterns, sew them together, and view them on a 3D avatar- it is thus both 2D and 3D. The UI has improved within the newer versions, 6-7, allowing for buttons and buttonholes, and flattening of 3D lines drawn onto the avatar. I found the speed to improve greatly in the newest version, but that the included “hardware” is not functional- thus any hardware I’ve used I had to create, as well as the sunglasses.

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