Curly Hair Secrets: Resorting to Man-Bun, Silk Pillows, Styling Products and Tools…

While I despise the man-buns paired with nasty beards, I’ve resorted to using hair-ties 🚧 for beauty purposes only.  If you read my post Nights in White [Silk] you know I’ve also begun using silk pillowcases. I feel as if both methods have helped improve the condition of my hair, and prevent my curls from going nappy…yes, my hair can either be ringlets or banana curls or look like an Afro depending on how I dry it, whether I comb or brush it, and…when I used to wake it would be a mess.

Curly Hair Secrets:

  • Don’t Brush It! Once you shower, apply leave-in conditioner, finger comb it or use a large tooth comb and let it air dry.🎼 I Flip my hair back and forth I flip my hair back and forth- scrunch it delicately, Palm it and push it upward and it will curl rather than nap. 
  • Diffusers: diffusers will define your curls, whereas blow drying will make it worse (unless you’re using a round brush), if the hair blows in the air freely…poof, Nappy.
  • Pantene No Crunch Curl Whip 🙌🏻 it’s the đź’©
  • Pantene Curly Series Shampoo, Confitioner, Deep Conditioner, and gel. 
  • The Flat Iron: my bestie since junior high school. Before flat irons existed, I used a Conair Steamer!

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