Labyrinth: 3D Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2019 SS18

3D fashion show inspired by the 50’s, unrequited love and yellow flowers (tabebuia), love and heartbreak. Butterflies and Moths translated into literal and abstract prints, with some pattern pieces and garments mirroring the shapes of the wings, as well as appliques. I chose to embody the different styles that came out of the fifties, the sock hoppers, greasers, beatniks and the glamour evoked by old Hollywood.I chose to embody the different styles that came out of the fifties, the sock hoppers, greasers, beatniks and the glamour evoked by old Hollywood.

Fashion Rebel: American Gypsy 

  Gypsy Personified: as I am an American Gypsy, I was inspired by New Age & Occult Symbolism, referencing the pop culture notion of the Gypsy. Tools of divination in my outfit: Ouija Planchett Necklace, Ouija & Palm Reader Tank Top, Crystal Ball Necklace, contrasted by the whimsy of the pastel goth inspiration, ring pop ring,…

Neo Nineties: Reinventing Retro

The nineties are back in full swing, and we see many different references to a time gone bye. Plaid, leather pants, goth, grunge, smudged eyeliner- not to mention the subculture play on the era, with pastel goth, soft grunge, neo goth. For my Parsons Teen Vogue Assignment, I created a Pinterest with the same title…

Joie De Vivre

The things which bring us joy and ecstasy in life must be the things we pursue to the ends of the earth.  Whether they be the small things, or the grandiose- they are what gives life it’s zest, flavor, the joie de vivre. I am enjoying the Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials Certification, and…

ParsonsXTeenVogue Fashion Industry Certification Program

Day 1 was a fail: They didn’t give me my login info. Day 2: Overview of the Program, features, 1st course Intro to Visual Style Day 3: Assignments  I’ve just started the Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Indistry Essentials Certification, which is a five course program. How it’s laid out: Online Video. The Teen Vogue Handbook….

Back To School: Parsons X Teen Vogue

Tis the season to be learning; I’ve enrolled in the Parsons X Teen Vogue Fashion Certification Program. I’m very excited to learn from industry professionals, including Aliza Licht (DKNY PR Girl, now by her own name on Twitter), Rebecca Minkoff, Angela Gao (DKNY), Francesca Sammaritano (Calvin Klein, GFT), Amy Astly (Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue),  Andrew Bevan…

What Fashion Means to Me as a Designer and Blogger

Fashion, design, sewing- they’ve always been a source of inspiration, creative expression, even necessary skills passed down from my mother who taught me how to sew.  She taught my younger brothers and I how to mend a hem, reattach a button, iron, all when we were young children.  She imparted upon us the skills she…

Pastel Goth

   Ouija Planchette Necklace by The Bee’s Knees Bracelettes BCBG Generation RingPop Ring by Glitter Glitz N Glam  Collar: Repurposed & hand sewn by me.

Wearing Me

T-Shirt from my clothing line but one of the quality control QC ones I pulled bc it wasn’t up to my standard. It’s acid wash Pima cotton. Yes, I wear my own designs.