Fashion Rebel: American Gypsy 

  Gypsy Personified: as I am an American Gypsy, I was inspired by New Age & Occult Symbolism, referencing the pop culture notion of the Gypsy.

Tools of divination in my outfit: Ouija Planchett Necklace, Ouija & Palm Reader Tank Top, Crystal Ball Necklace, contrasted by the whimsy of the pastel goth inspiration, ring pop ring, BCBG bracelets…

My illustration of the tree of life in the center  (modified here). This is an assignment for my Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Certification.  

Many take the freedoms they have for granted- especially in developed countries. Getting an education was something I had to fight for- the Gypsy culture isn’t too fond of schooling, and I went against the grain in every way. I got my B.S. against their know-it-all small-minded suggestions I drop out, sell my Mercedes and buy a pickup truck 😂. 

I’m a rebel in all areas of my life: I break convention, push back in the face of cultural, gender, or any norms.  I refuse to be boxed in, repressed, held back or held down.   

  Obviously my style breaks the mold in terms of American norms, so I’m sure you can imagine just how far it strays from the American Gypsy Style…and thank God for that! Gypsies are centuries behind culturally, and decades behind in fashion. Think white  sneakers, 80’s Americana sportswear, an obsession with Ferragamo & Cartier: cookie cutter style adopted by every single member- a goatee, the same style sunglasses, dated denim…blah 😖.  For women, think long skirts (long denim skirts…🙄), white keds shoes 😱, boring blouses😴- there has been a revolution joining them to the early to mid 1900’s recently, with, ooh la la, skirts rising below the calf. There are stylish Gypsy men and women, but for the most part it’s a culturally and fashionably troubled subculture.  

I’ve taken risks with my life and style from this cultural context- so what have you got to lose? Don’t feel as if you can’t try a trend, look, profession…do what makes you happy, excited, hopeful… Fashion, style, and beauty are ways in which you express your mood, your personal taste, or try a trend or something you otherwise wouldn’t. 

This post is certainly an extreme look, even for me, but I did enjoy pushing myself outside of my comfort zone for this assignment; I wanted to tell a story, my story, through fashion & make-up. I think risk is the main ingredient in any style transformation or fashion forward look. Take a risk.

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