ParsonsXTeenVogue Fashion Industry Certification Program

Day 1 was a fail: They didn’t give me my login info.

Day 2: Overview of the Program, features, 1st course Intro to Visual Style

Day 3: Assignments 

I’ve just started the Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Indistry Essentials Certification, which is a five course program.

How it’s laid out:

  • Online Video.
  • The Teen Vogue Handbook.
  • 5 Courses over 3 months, with two weeks to complete each section’s assignments.
  • Personal Style: Optionally, one can upload photos of outfits to embody the topics of the section through personal style.
  • Discussion: each section has a discussion area, where peers can ask and answer questions.

Why am I’m Interested? Because I’m already involved in the areas below:

  • Fashion Design & Illustration.
  • Fashion Blogging & Vlogging.
  • Fashion Media: Fashion shows and event coverage.
  • Marketing & Advertising- I have a B.S. in Marketing, and have applied it to fashion and other industries. I look forward to learning more about Marketing & Advertisung relating to the fashion industry- I don’t know about you, but I love to see the fashion ads in my favorite magazines.

Day 1:

You don’t get your log in information until the day of, which isn’t what students are used to in either college or high school. It’s not like it’s there waiting for you early morning either…11am?…nope. Hmmm…this is even more relaxed than I expected.

You get an email at 2pm that doesn’t include your log in information, it just says you should’ve received it by now and to contact support. Yay…I’m glad I was super excited for day one… I contacted this person Wednesday of last week, and also emailed Teen Vogue to make sure everything was in order- no response. Not a fun start. 😓

Day 2:

At last, I was able to sign in, and vlogged about my experience and the course (see the video above).

Day 3:

The Assignments section follows the videos and reading materials, and  consists of 6 assignments for the 1st section of Course 1, an Introduction to Visual Style.

  1. Collection Spy: the first assignment is to go to a department store or boutique, eye a collection, and ask the buyer or store owner why they chose to stock the collection.  We’re to photograph it, and then upload a photo and title the collection.
  2. Pining Pins: we’re to create a mood-board of sorts, selecting photos or print spreads that relate to a common theme.  This is meant to thread together different looks using an underlying theme, such as color palette, fabric selection, etc.
  3. Drawing inspiration from the Pinterest Board assignment above, we’re to create an editorial style photo embodying the theme.

Stay tuned:
I’ll keep you posted on my progress and experience with the course here on my fashion blog and on my YouTube Channel.

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