Back To School: Parsons X Teen Vogue

Tis the season to be learning; I’ve enrolled in the Parsons X Teen Vogue Fashion Certification Program.

I’m very excited to learn from industry professionals, including Aliza Licht (DKNY PR Girl, now by her own name on Twitter), Rebecca Minkoff, Angela Gao (DKNY), Francesca Sammaritano (Calvin Klein, GFT), Amy Astly (Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue),  Andrew Bevan (Style Features Director, Teen Vogue), and more.

I’ve already read the previous edition of The Teen Vogue Handbook, but have read 50 pages anticipating this program.  The First Course will cover Unlocking Visual Style, and I will be posting a series on my studies and experience in the program, so stay tuned to my fashion blog and YouTube Channel.

Click here to see my Day 1 Experience in the Program…or lack of experience rather.

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