Joie De Vivre

fashion industry ethicsThe things which bring us joy and ecstasy in life must be the things we pursue to the ends of the earth.  Whether they be the small things, or the grandiose- they are what gives life it’s zest, flavor, the joie de vivre.

I am enjoying the Parsons Teen Vogue Fashion Industry Essentials Certification, and feel once again invigorated to chase my dreams down to the end of time, or my time.  I’ve just finished watching Dior and I, a documentary following Raf Simmons’ first collection for the house as creative director.  I feel as if we all fail to realize how many hands a garment passes through, how many editions that garment has been executed in, how much time and labor went into designing and constructing it.  I have often been critical of how I feel about a fashion show, but neglect to consider the feelings, work and dedication, of those who created the collection- or oversaw its creation.

Speaking of those affected by the fashion industry and the hands through which garments pass in production, my recent post, “Ethics in Fashion” touched on the lack of integrity in the fashion world, something which we see changing.  With the recent COP21 Climate Agreement reached, impacting climate change and affecting 195 countries and production emissions, we are nearing a more conscious fashion industry.  Will the fashion industry, however, continue to move in this direction, and also change the effects of pollution and abuse of the labor force?  Only time, or perhaps more accurately the effects on profitability, will tell.

I think we must all consider more deeply, more realistically, more humbly, and most importantly more empathically where the clothes we wear come from- who made them, who designed them?  We must become more conscientious of what the cost of cheap clothes is- is it less money out of our wallets, or the life of a child in a far-off land?  When we critique something we don’t like or aren’t attracted to, are we merely voicing our opinion, or stepping on the dreams, blood, sweat, and tears of others?  I know I will try to remember these things in the future as I express my take on fashion shows and collections, and will remember to be more considerate of what effects my purchases have on animals and people around the world.

Fashion is meant to be an expression of beauty, but can anything that affects others’ lives and health, or livelihood, be beautiful- what would it truly express other than greed and vanity?

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