Diet Bloat Effect 

bloating Mistakes I’ve been making in diet were brought to my awareness when I tuned in to The Dr. Oz Show today.  I eat eggs every morning, and make an omelette occasionally and this is honestly an indulgence I enjoy- a thin slice of Sargento cheddar, onions, and ketchup- say what you will, but that sounds delicious to me.  Apparently, onions can cause bloating…even when cooked!

My coffee and tea used to be hidden sources of calories, sugar, and fat- I didn’t use to account for the cream and sugar- and switching to non-diary creamer and artificial sweeteners really boosted my diet and weightloss results.  Soy can also cause bloating and water weight retention. I have been eating and drinking soy products for over a decade! soy bloating

This just goes to show you that there can be hidden sources of fat, calories, sugar, and even foods or supplements that can adversely affect your diet, Weightloss, and fitness routine.  As I’ve suggested before, try journaling apps like My Diet Diary- it will not only help you keep track of the calories you’re intaking, but will show you very helpful charts of what it is you’re consuming: pie and bar charts showing you how much fat, carbs, protein, and sugar are in your diet can help you discover those secret saboteurs in your diet.

Have you been keeping up with your resolutions, fitness and diet goals, regardless of if you’ve slipped up this year?

Share your experience or ask questions in the comments section.

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