Wine Matchmaker, Diet Safe Cocktails- Get Your Drink On And Still Lose Weight

We all love to drink, but don’t overdo it because you will gain weight.  Wine can actually have health benefits.

According to an article in Cosmopolitan, ” New research found that wine (seriously, wine!) can help keep your weight in check. … about a glass a day, tops—has some awesome perks. …nearly 20,000 normal-weight women for 13 years. Over time, the women who drank a glass or two of red wine a day were 30 percent less likely to be overweight than the nondrinkers”

I find it hard to choose wines, so I signed up for this wine matchmaking service called ClubW.  They take your taste preferences and make  a taste profile, showing you reds and whites you’ll love, you choose which you want, then they ship them to your door.


If I want a mixed drink, I’ll drink Vodka in Diet Soda, everything in moderation.  I used to drink Vodka in Cranberry Juice, but will now mix in some juice into club soda to cut the calories.  I did notice I packed on the pounds when I was drinking more, so I have learned once or twice a week is ok, I know my max is 2 drinks.  I recently read that if you don’t drink diet soda, but rather mix it with a juice you can actually keep your blood sugar regulated, so long as you’re drinking water in between.  Carbonation also helps fill you up, as will a vegetable/tomato juice (think bloody mary).

Prevention Mag advises, “ It’s easy to order a less caloric version of your usual drink. For example, have vodka, tequila or other spirits with zero-calorie club soda and a splash of juice instead of an 80 calorie cup of tonic. For nearly the same calories, you can relax over two rum and Diet Cokes or have one specialty cocktail, such as a cosmopolitan.”

Better Selections:

  • Wine
  • Vodka

Not so good:

  • Beer
  • Super Sweet Mixed Drinks
  • Juices in excess are empty calories

Stop the Hangover:

  • Drink Water After Each 1 or 2 Drinks (1 ideally)
  • Add Lemon to your water, it will help prevent the hangover


(Photos: ClubW)

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