New Year: Lifestyle Revamp- Style, Fitness, & Beauty

For the new year, you and I are going to revamp our style, whip our butts into shape, and beautify with hair and make-up make-overs!

Big changes are coming in fashion and beauty, and I have my very own fitness and beauty routines to share with you.

  • Fashion & Style: We’re going to enjoy the 90’s grunge while we can, but in Spring 2016, we’re transitioning into 70’s glam and boho-no-she-didn’t chic.
  • Beauty: there are some innovative advancements happening, and some amazing beauty trends from fall/winter to spring/summer you won’t want to miss.
  • Fitness, Health & Weightloss: people don’t believe that I used to be obese or that I have an eating disorder- trust, I’m your weightloss fitness guru boo đź‘». I’m going to share my weightloss secrets that have helped others lose 150lbs each! …I have the pics to prove it!

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Happy New Years 🎉,

Perry Uwanawich

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