Vivienne Westwood Fall 2019: Fashion Protest

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2019 Fashion ProtestVivienne Westwood’s Fall 2019 runway show was all about graphic protest through fashion, although Vogue’s Luke Leitch’s review was more a protest of the protest than a review…he discussed literally nothing shown but rather complained about being sold clothes while being “preached” to about sustainability. Sustainability and pollution in the fashion industry is not about buying clothes or not Luke…it’s about fast fashion; mass production; the fibers, dyes, raw materials and resources used- including water and chemicals used from the production of the crops through that of the fabrics and garments; how they’re discarded; the quality of the garments and whether those garments will be recycled or pilled up in dumps… I am one to recycle and upcycke my clothing, sewing old jeans and clothing into new things I can wear or using them to practice swing and constructing garments from vests and doublets to corsets and jumpsuits… The protests on the runway went well beyond the discussion of fashion and well into politics, economics, corruption, media and consumerism…other things he overlooked entirely! See my posts on ethics in fashion and beauty to learn more about how the industries pollute the environment, water sources abroad, and affect the lives of people in areas where garments and products are produced, causing cancer, deformation, and more Fashion and Beauty Ethics: Fair-Trade, Fair-mined, Cruelty Free and Ethics in Fashion: Labor and Environmental Concerns

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2019 ecru and evergreen plaid double breasted menswear suitVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 Fashion Protest graphic smock Vivienne Westwood Fall 2019 too fast to live to young to die skull and bones sweater fashion protestVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 dueling dragons economic social commentary graphic sweater and maroon, cream, yellow, brown composite print knit skirtVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 double breasted coat with graphic T-shirt too fast to live to young to die Vivienne Westwood Fall 2019 cropped jacket suit with longline hooded sweaterVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 self portrait graphic T-shirt sold out soul for consumptionVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 ace of spades mother fucker sweaterVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 monkey joker T-shirt Vivienne Westwood Fall 2019 blondieVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 all profit belongs to me so long as you keep buying crap banker graphic tank topVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 democratic heroes fairy graphic Vivienne Westwood Fall 2019 penis see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil graphic teeVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 thatcher graphicVivienne Westwood Fall 2019 graphic apron

Ecru and evergreen large scaled plaid double breasted suits and coats; black and white pinstripes; dark cadet and sky blue 4, green, gray and black abstract prints; maroon, cream, yellow, brown composite prints; dresses, asymmetrical tops and capes, and knit arm warmers on male models in buckled boots and paper crowns; arm warmers; graphic sweaters, aprons, fabric pinned to garments; of course there was a nod to the traditional Westwood trademark corseted and draped gown in burnt sienna. Is that Blondie? Was that a Thatcher graphic?

I personally felt like we saw a graphic expression of frustration and anger with politics, war, the economy, and many of them eye catching and wearable to those who feel the same or want to express that message themselves. I found both the intricate and stripped down sketch type prints to be equally cool: dueling dragons, spirals and checks, skulls and bones atop world maps, rough sketched line drawings of monsters and fairies, ❤️ Crap- a take on the I ❤️…tees, silver metallic nail art appliqués above and over the cuticle., messy hair, metallic and silver face paint, .. It seems that she’s a world away yet so much relates to how many Americans are feeling during this tumultuous political climate.

“We sold our soul for consumption -> Press tell us what we want to hear…” with a graphic print of Westwood herself.

“You think you own the world,” on a monkey humanoid joker card.

“Mother Fucker” Ace of Spades.

“Shoot Migrants”

“Politicians R Criminals, Press R The Joker, Bankers R Evil, Giants Are M’Fuckers”

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