Mary Katrantzou Fall 2019

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2019: she’s become one one of those designers whose prints and graphics stand out, and while I didn’t understand the “London look” when it comes to voluminous silhouettes and outlandish proportions in one of her collections years ago as well as this one’s few looks, I feel as if this is a beautiful, inspiring, creative and ethereal collection mixing Asian influences with tailoring and contemporary fashion. I LOVE the shoulders and lapels of the capes…and live for that oil slick jacquard fabric seemingly embellished with green feathers! The beading and ostrich feather embellishment elevated the organza garments to the heights of their heavenly inspiration.

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2019 galaxy print and ruffle dressMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 print dressMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 plaid coat and kaftanMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 multicolored beaded print dressMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 oil slick kaftanMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 coatMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 body suit and sheer black chiffon overdressMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 cascading ruffle coatMary Katrantzou Fall 2019 multicolored ruffle and ostrich feather dress.

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