Hair Goals Achieved: Revive Damaged Hair, Tame Frizz, Restore Shine, Tone, and Slay Styling

Cater to Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type, beyond straight or curly to where it rates on the curl scale, and whether it’s fine or thick (which doesn’t relate to density but the diameter of the hair shaft), will also help you choose the right products, tools, and methods for styling. I mentioned in my Racist Beauty Natural Hair video that I wasn’t aware of how to style or care for my curly hair, and would ignorantly brush and comb it, making it frizzy.

Photo: NinaFashionLife

Balm is Bomb: Skip Harsh Shampoos

L’Oréal EverCreme Cleansing Balm has changed my hair in three washes! Similar to a cream cleanser for your face, it doesn’t lather, but moisturizes and conditions hair while cleansing it, restoring dry, damaged, color treated hair, defining curls and eliminating frizz.

*Note that if you’re using sulfate free shampoo but apply conditioners and products with silicone, you will get buildup and will have to use different cleansers sporadically.

It’s difficult for me to skip shampooing my hair, so I’m only able to skip a day- two at the most. This cleansing balm gives me the ability to wash my hair without making it feel even dryer, more unmanageable, and weak given I’ve put it through hell with bleach and drying hair regrowth products…Post on how I regrew my edges and hair coming soon- Subscribe and stay tuned to my blog and YouTube Channel.

Condition Mission:

I find that for my course curly frizzy damaged hair, in shower conditioning doesn’t cut it. I will mix a combination of 3-4 conditioners in my hand (again, full details will be in my upcoming hair regrowth post), apply to the scalp, roots, and down to the ends of my hair, leaving it in until I’m done showering. I then rinse, pat dry, and apply a more nourishing deep conditioner to leave in, or lightweight conditioner if I don’t want it to be weighed down, such as the Bliss Lemon + Sage (I also use the body wash and Body Butter as I LOVE the scent).

I’ve been using the Alterna Caviar conditioner, which has been in my arsenal for over 15years! I used to use the Pantene Curly series conditioner, deep conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle, but that hasn’t been cutting it lately and I may be giving in to the belief the alcohol content is bad- although I’ve read otherwise. The Joico Moisture Recovery and Purology Essential Repair (Given to me by stylist Grace Diaz-Gerdts) have also been great as in-shower conditioners, which I reapply as leave-ins. I’ve also mentioned It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In and Miracle Hair Mask years and years ago. The Tresemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth conditioner, as a leave-in in combination with the L’Oréal Cleansing Balm, keeps my hair from getting frizzy after being finger-combed when dry to remaining bouncy and curly even after I run my hands through it, put it up in a bun, and let it down again.

Swapping Purple Shampoo for Conditioner.

I use the Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo as a more gentle shampoo, but don’t leave it on my hair as I believe soaps, surfactants and sulfates strip it: instead, I opt for the conditioner and apply it liberally then leave it on for the duration of my shower as it cannot damage my hair. You can also opt for a semipermanent hair color like Manic Panic Virgin Snow, for example. Joanna Coles mentioned that she uses a Navy Blue shampoo or conditioner, and from what I’ve read it’s usually recommended to brunettes who want to cancel brassy tones, whereas purple cancels yellow.


Hot oil treatments, Moroccan Oil, and Castor Oil have been more conventional go-tos, but I’ve also found home remedy concoctions to be truly restorative. I used mayonnaise, egg, and oil to resurrect my hair after bleaching, it worked better than hours and hours of leave ins. Another great option is coconut oil- just apply and leave in as long as you can tolerate it, as with all of these oils, then wash it out and deep condition.

Fake Healthy, Shiny, and Smooth Hair: Until You Get It

Fake it til you make it- there are products that can help your hair look the way you wish it was- healthy shiny and frizz free. I’ve always mentioned Bed Head products here on my blog and on my YouTube channel, and they’re the first to come to mind. There’s a product for any desire you have, from serious hold to blinding shine, from taming frizzy hair to styling sleek tresses.

  • Control Freak: frizz control and straightener
  • After Party: smoothing cream
  • Spoil Me: smoothing defrizzer and restyler
  • Headrush: shine spray
  • Hard Head: strong hold Gel or spray
  • Masterpiece: “massive shine spray”

Other product lines have since stolen my heart, such as Deva Curl, whose Styling Cream and Light Defining Gel changed the game. I also, again, must mention the Pantene Curly series for its Gel and curl defining products. I do use Got2B glued spray and gel for slicking my hair up in a bun, but I don’t make it that beat for everyday because I’d have to wash my hair like twice a day. Shea Moisture has some great products including the Low Porosity Protein Free Leave In Detangler, Dry Oil Mist, and 10-In-1 Renewal System.

Styling Tools of the Trade

Blow Dryers

Blow outs were the only option back in the day, and they’re still your first step in styling if you have frizzy hair. Use a round brush, rotating it as you pull hair taught from the root and move out to the tip whilst directing the dryers airflow over those strands only, so as to avoid frizzing up the surrounding hair. Always direct the airflow down the hair shaft, not up, and it will provide shine and further smooth the hair. Cool shot your blow out afterward. For curly and frizzy hair, it’s always good to have a diffuser on hand unless your blowing it out straight.

  • Chi Touch Touchscreen Blow Dryer: A Smart Blow Dryer? Yeah, it has a touch screen and allows you to manually control the heat, speed, and iron levels to tailor your blowout to your hair type and needs. I honestly don’t use it much because it’s annoying to select the options each time and I should figure out if I can program it.
  • Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Blow Dryer

Flat Irons:

The key to sleek straight or even curled hair, whether or not you blow it out first.

  • Babyliss mini: for on the go, perfect short styles.
  • Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium, which I love because it’s fast and shows you the temp.
  • T3 Tourmaline Wet/Dry
  • Chi

Curling Irons, Wands, & Wavers

  • Wavers are a quick and easy way to add volume and body to your look without having to curl every strand of hair. I’ve only used mine once- more to review it- and I honestly did like the result and do plan to use it again. I use the Hot Shot Tools Nano Ceramic Deep Waver.
  • Curling Wands & Irons: it’s all about preference- do you need the clip or not? Do you want it to change diameter like a cone or prefer one size of curls? Are you comfortable trusting an automated curling device to not tangle and burn off your hair? …girl I wouldn’t be 💇🏼‍♂️. I have a selection of irons and wands with barrels from small diameters for tight curls to 1-2″ for looser curls.

Vitamins and Supplements:

I will be covering everything I take in my upcoming post which will be helpful to both men and women interested in reversing and preventing hair-loss, or just growing thick full healthy hair and long nails, but here I just want to note that I’ve taken different hair supplements over the years, from Nioxin‘s to the Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nails Gummies during that craze, to 10,000mcg of Biotin (capsules and sublingual tablets) and Longer Stronger Hair & Nails, because it includes horsetail, but there are many other vitamins and supplements, as well as prescribed medications, treatments, etc. that I’ll cover later, so make sure you’re subscribed.

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