Scammed by Rita Green and Tailored Dog

Who is Rita Green and how does she use people for 9 Months without Paying them?


Rita Green has used and abused me for 9 months as I worked on her brand Tailored Dog‘s web design, graphic design and illustration, video editing, copy-editing and copy-writing, SEO, CSS, eCommerce, etc.

The entire time she would have me complete tasks over and over as she claimed she has no visualizing ability- so I made animated sliders, motion graphics of rain snow and sunshine meant to highlight the supposed use of her products, and graphics that were ultimately a waste of my time and weren’t used.  She’d have me edit and re-edit the website a ridiculous amount of times (which involved going back into Photoshop, Illustrator, re-exporting and formatting, re-uploading and tagging), only to decide she’s a minimalist and wants it as plain as possible- white, no slider, no header image…only to later say it’s too plain and maybe a slider, but no -no slider, maybe a header image.  This continued for 9 months, wasting hundreds of hours.

I edited multiple sets of photos and created multiple sets of graphics for her, as she had an old line and a new line…she had a logo she couldn’t work with that I had to redo, recolor, and edit multiple times before she abandoned that as well and asked I make a new one using a graphic I created for her…only to create multiple versions of that as well.

I was very nice to her throughout the process and never asked for more although I should have, and should have demanded payment but you just don’t think an old lady is a con artist…lesson learned.

We have a written and binding agreement, and I do intend to take her to court.

Rita Green and Tailored Dog will use you, not pay you, and move on like nearly a year’s work shouldn’t be paid for (and a very small amount considering the timeline and amount of work I did)…that’s inexcusable, immoral, unlawful, and shady, and that’s what Tailored Dog represents!  Do not Trust Rita Green or Tailored Dog, you will be sorry! Demand all payment upfront, and expect a hell of a ride if you decide to work with her or her brand.

This is what her site looked like before and after:

There was absolutely no text, it was a grid of images. There was no cart, there was no ecommerce…

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 4.01.40 PM.png

Here is what it looked like “after,” although there was never going to be a version she’d be happy with…Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 5.02.36 PM.png

Some examples of what I did:


I took her products and images and made them come to life, animating them to showcase both colors.


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