Anti-Frizz Flat Iron in a Jar: Butter Whip Coil Cream

butter_whip_coil_cream.pngThis should be called flat iron in a jar!  The claims are definitely not exaggerated.  I put this on my hair just to try it out…I condition every time I wash my hair, so I’m always putting conditioner on and leaving it in.  It wasn’t until before going to bed I did a double take in the mirror and was wondering why my hair was bone straight- if you follow my blog or watch my YouTube videos, you know I have kinky nappy curly frizzy hair!  It looked like I blow dried and flat ironed my hair.  My only complaint, and this isn’t legit because it clearly says butter and oil on the label, is that it feels a bit oily: this is formulated, or at least appears to be, for African American hair.  I love it, I am probably going to use this as a styling regimen- I highly recommend it if you want to tame frizz, and suggest you leave it in like I did.  I think I reviewed a styling product by this company and hated it because I thought it was conditioner…whoops.

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