NicoPanda Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week NYFW MBFW FW16

The NicoPanda Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week  runway fashion show featured platform shoes in red and black, glitter coats, multicolored fur jackets, neon graphic t-shirts, layers upon layers, long metallic gloves, nasty pig bondage harnesses- an ode to leather culture- paired with double waist-band cargo pants,  cropped metallic leather jackets and pants, bishop sleeves (girl yas), quilting and top-stiching, an ode to David Bowie in the multi-colored striped graphic t-shirt with matching sheer bishop sleeved shirt on an orange haired model, harem pants, furry box purses, scrappy pants, bondage o-ring inspired zippers (Oh my!), capes, and a whole lot of shit that should never be worn ever.  There were some seriously dramatic cateyes, but the rest of the makeup was subtly nude.

Nicola Formichetti does somewhat evoke the Japanese alternative street style with the frilly ruffly looks, but in a less than cool way.  When we see Decora, Lolita, or other Japanese trends they look crazy, but crazy cool…this looks contrived and, shockingly, cheaper. Nicopanda NYFW MBFW FW16 wa cool underground scene hipster contrasting bag lady bum-me-out garbage!


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