Versace SS16

Versace can oftentimes be quite loud and tacky, short and slutty, and we did see the house err on the bad side of judgment and taste.  While the cargo utilitarian trend was taken head on, the prints were a little much, reminding us of the pre-Donatella days- they swallowed the models alive! It looked like a leopard vomited camo in this safari trip from hell.  Red; black; purple; neon green , orange and yellow…  I didn’t like the silhouettes or cuts, this girl is either super slut or bulbous.  Versace is, granted, the Bebe of Milan Fashion Week, but it’s still a bit shocking…where is this girl going? She’s going back to work in the 80’s one second, then clubbing in South Beach the next…obviously looking for a man.  If the collection was edited down, it would be like Cavalli met Balmain, but instead it’s this convoluted mess.

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