Moschino SS16: Taking Names!

Moschino SS16 was another fun show proving Jeremy Scott is a genius!  The expectation for cuteness overload was met honey! The show started off in a construction traffic jam: traffic cone, hard hat, tool box, and sign bags, dresses and separates with yellow and white and orange and white caution stripes…the thigh high boots were everything!  Reflectors were mimicked with strips of reflective material, and the stripes with lace- there were even caution tape and traffic cone floral prints.  I like that the overalls were represented in a crop top, which takes the ugly out of the garment we usually do not like to mention.  I was taken back to Jeremy Scott’s 2009 show again, with the signage reminding me of the “Thank You” plastic bag top.  The irony was evident, just look at the orange hole dress mimicking those plastic construction site dividers, the wrench closure of the asymmetrical dress…to get it, you must not take everything so seriously: it’s meant to be fun, funny, and witty.

Moschino took names at Milan Fashion Week: Chanel, Prada, Versace, no fashion house was immune to Scott’s send-ups.  The hula bag and quilted leather bags complete with chain detail, crossing question marks mimicked the Chanel logo and aesthetic.  Big bird yellow feather outfit, a nod to Versace?  Prada’s Cadillac bags and shoes were also referenced in crazy Cadillac-fin and taillight dresses that actually lit up.

Werkin at the car-wash: the show took on a different tone as models walked through the spin cycle of the catwalk.  Pop art, adorable Power-puff Girls bags and prints…sure to be a huge hit with millennials and Asia! Jeremy Scott knows how to break the monotony that is fashion week, he did it at his own show in New York Fashion Week, and brought it again to the Librarian Bore of Milan Fashion Week.  I loved it, and am glad we’ve seen Scott return wholeheartedly to his witty graphic and pop art roots from years ago.

moschino powerpuff girls bag mfw ss16 moschino powerpuff girls bag mfw ss16 moschino powerpuff girls bag mfw ss16

(Bag photos: Ghetty Images)

(photos: Moschino livestream)

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