The DKNY Spring/Summer 2016 collection seemed to embody a schoolgirl meets garçon- on-trend with androgyny, mixed with head mistress contrasting the sheer boyish looks with pinstripes, seemingly modernizing the 80’s pinstripe look.  There was a lot of T&A on that runway, but I loved the sheer double-breasted dress, the interesting bleeding ink of the sleeveless white shift dress, and those amazing photo-prints- one of models in sunglasses, the other of a New York building.  The collection was full of asymmetry, which modernized that school girl look of pleated skirts…did you notice the garçon back-pack straps on the blue tank-dress? I want a man-bag made after the arm-candy bags we saw in black and white.  The sheer short-sleeved t-shirt-dress with tank-dress beneath looked really simple and too loose-fitting, until the model turned to reveal the button-up back.  At first I didn’t understand the deconstruction of the pinstripe print, but it is a cool idea, something which rings true of the entire collection: it was different, a new take on the old.

(Photos: Marcus Tondo /, via Vogue Runway)

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