Bibhu Mohapatra SS16

Bibhu Mohapatra Spring/Summer 2016 was like a dichotomy of this youthful original glamorous women that clashed with a demure grandma…it’s hard to reconcile the two.  Round neck sleeveless shift dresses, grammy, sheer detailed wrap dress, granny top with lilac pants, sheer button-up with metallic tweed and white pants, weird silky satiny grandma print pants, cool white contrasting detailed coat with sheer top…you get the idea: it was a rollercoaster ride of up and down between the two looks.  It’s hard to judge when there are unforgivable looks, like the asymmetrical lilac, white, and salmon print dress with black skirt, or that hideous ridiculous white and black jumpsuit…what the hell is that?  I feel as if Bibhu Mohapatra is this glamorous designer that lacks editing for SS16: this could have been the amazing collection we expected had some of these looks been appropriately burned.

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