Boss SS16

Boss’ SS16 collection screamed 1970’s with a modern twist.  Fringe dominated the collection, with fewer floral prints than expected.  The palette included white, cream, gray, bold orange and blue, banana yellow, pink, navy, and black.  There were many simple solid colored but well tailored pieces, loads of sheer silk chiffon dresses- many of which were pleated, as well as linen, and what appears to be silk wool.  The collection has a lot of boyish chic looks , which looked great on the models, but how they would look on the average woman remains to be seen. It was very creative yet contradictory, and there is nothing wrong with contradiction when it comes to fashion shows: one moment, a figure fitting dress would be coming down the runway, but then a boyish loose-fitting pant outfit would walk out the next.

Almost every piece was something you swear you’ve seen before, but not this good! Boss took some of our favorites and made them better.  As every fashion show has its hits and misses, so did Boss’- but for Boss’ SS16 collection, in my opinion, there was only one miss- that outrageous orange sheer silk chiffon dress. We saw the same design but with a different color and it looked totally amazing. I think that color is just awful: it turned a truly creative design into something you didn’t want to see any longer.   I wish they didn’t pair almost every outfit with those sandals that don’t flatter anybody’s feet: if you have a pair- throw them out. But aside from the few negative comments I have to say about the collection, it was absolutely one of my favorites for Spring/Summer 2016.  My favorite piece from this collection was the solid black form-fitting jumpsuit.  It was creative,  new, and left us wanting more. They know what they’re doing over at Boss, and I don’t want them to stop.

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