Gaga Character Makeup AHSHotel

   I decided to take on Lady Gaga’s Countess character on American Horror Story Hotel, here’s my take on the character makeup. I used Nyx Box of Smokey Look Collection and MAC brushes. I used a champaigne color on the center of the lid, toupe for the medium shade on the outer edges and a…

Androgynous Makeup: 10-Step Androgyny Gender Fluid Make-up Tutorial

My 10-Step Gender Fluid Androgynous Makeup or Androgyny Make-Up Routine. Foundation: L’Oreal Magic Nude liquid powder foundation with an e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush. Concealer:  Apply concealer (Maybelline Fit Me) to the brow, nasolabial folds, bridge of the nose, jaw bones, under-eye area, and chin, then blend out with an e.l.f. Flawless Concealer Brush. Set Your…

Cut Away Cateye Requested Tut: 

create a cateye then, using a contour brush and black shadow, line the lower lash line almost to the ends and the crease keeping away from the cateye flick- blend away from the hard-edge line. Reapply black shadow to further define the lines.

Makeup Master: Halloween

I figured Halloween would be the time to do the most dramatic eye make up, so my victim was my aunt. I did a smoky eye ombré from black to white, with a shimmery silver mid tone. I over dramatically contoured, giving her eyebrows and cheeks a very sharp angular look. I used a liquid…

Red Eyeshadow Dare: Red Cateye

Given red eyeshadow is said to be the hardest to apply- I decided to challenge myself and did a pink-red ombré red cateye. I used an e.l.f. Palate and a Mac 219SE brush, then lined with Sormé Cosmetics Beverly Hills in Charcoal 10.


Cateye Eye Makeup using Mac 219SE & E.L.F. Smudge Brush, Smearproof Eyeliner by Sormé, NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in 879 Opal on inner eye corners. To create the cat eye, draw your liner beyond the eye and try to make it look like you’re extending the lower lid, but in an upward angle slightly. Bring…

Wearing Me

T-Shirt from my clothing line but one of the quality control QC ones I pulled bc it wasn’t up to my standard. It’s acid wash Pima cotton. Yes, I wear my own designs.