Painless Lip Filler Restylane Silk Before and After

Subtle lip injections painless lip filler restylane silk
Subtle Painless Lip Injections Before and After

I got a little lip filler- I mean a LITTLE Restylane Silk & it was PAINLESS at The Boca Institute of Dermatology with Dr. Gary Waterman! I wanted it to be very subtle and he did exactly what I wanted, only injecting .4 of the syringe in the top lip only to subtly improve the ratio and fill in hollows I felt we’re in the center of each half of the top lip.

Did Lip Injections Hurt? No, It Was Painless!

He used a topical numbing cream first, BLT (no not bacon lettuce and tomato), and Restylane Silk has lidocaine in it as well so I honestly felt nothing though I was a little nervous after experiencing laser hair removal, see my Post on hair removal and stay tuned for my upcoming post on laser hair removal coming soon.

Before Lip Injections

After Lip Injections

Lip filler lip injections restylane silk at Boca institute of dermatology
Top Lip Restylane Lip Filler Morning After (Swollen)
Restylane Silk Lip Filler After Swelling Resided (Final Result)
Restylane Silk Lip Filler After Swelling Resided (Final Result)

Dr. Waterman has done IPL and Laser Hair Removal on me as well as injected my forehead with Botox twice and he is a genius: see my Post on Getting Botox and my Botox Video.

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