CBD Oil For Chronic Pain and Anxiety?

I tried sublingual CBD in a 150mg dosage of CBD American Shaman Cloud Tincture with nanotechnology under the tongue and in a vape, and to be honest, it tasted nasty and did nothing for me the first two days. Perhaps on the third day a double dose took a slight edge off my pain…which is better than nothing but certainly not enough.

The CBD I purchased was inexpensive, but there are options for hundreds of dollars, such as Green Roads 3,500mg CBD Oil (Which I first heard of at Boca Institute of Dermatology– that’s an exponentially higher dosage- and a much less bitter taste. I was given a 1500mg daily dose syringe by Dr. Gmitter, and it provided much more noticeable pain relief than the 150mg American Shaman. I can’t yet speak to CBD’s effect on anxiety.

I’ve had chronic pain for 18 years after a car accident in which an uninsured immigrant’s irresponsible driving cause me permanent damage to two disks, and have always just lived with it. Doctors refused to give me medications all the while, perhaps because I have a high pain tolerance and don’t show how much pain I’m in…perhaps because they don’t want to put me on addictive medications as well.

Subscribe and stay tuned because I’ll be posting on the efficacy of MMJ (Medical Marijuana) soon pending approval. Comment on your experience with CBD.

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