Bleaching My Eyebrows Tutorial

bleaching my eyebrows tutorial #brows #eyebrows

How I Bleach My Eyebrows

I have switched from Jolene to Sally Hansen bleach.  I work in a fashion similar to blocking eyebrows, manipulating the bleach into the hair from the root to the tip upward toward the the front of the brow and out and downward toward the tail of the brow.  I will manipulate it during the first ten minutes, then scrunch the hairs down from the top, move the hairs toward the center of the face and then out toward the tail just to ensure I’ve gotten every single hair.  I also find it helpful to use the spatula to remove the bleach in a squeegee motion, to ensure whether you’re satisfied with the development.

Confession: I have used hair bleach, and my eyebrows turned an intentional platinum blonde, which was very edgy and almost a no-brow look.

But Why Bleach My Brows Though?

Well, by bleaching your eyebrows, you’re giving your other facial features the spotlight, so dramatic eyemakeup or lips will shine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a black brow platinum blonde moment, but it’s fun to experiment with beauty, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the other features of your face really steal the spotlight.

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