Ask A Dermatologist: Dr. Q&A

‪Ask A Dermatologist: submit your questions regarding hair, skin, and nails for an upcoming Q&A post and video. Reply or visit #dermatology #dermatologist #skincare #haircare #acne #beauty #bbloggers #beautyblog #skin #face #cosmetic #filler ‬#bblogger #beautyblog #dermaroller #skin #skincareroutine #dr #doctor

I’m going to be collaborating with a dermatologist on a video and blog post.

Submit your questions regarding dermatology, skin-care, hair-care- from products to hair-loss and hair Regrowth, to anything involving hair, skin, and nails.

Comment below or via my Contact Page

We will be discussing skin-care and hair-care, products and their ingredients, do’s and don’ts, cosmetic procedures, and any topics, questions, or issues you suggest.

*note- this is not to diagnose or substitute seeing a physician, but rather to provide insight, spark up a conversation, give advice, and answer your burning questions.

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