Post-Extensions Blues

You’ve definitely heard someone speak of being shocked, sad or depressed after removing their extensions, but have you ever experienced the post-extensions blues?

I recently did my first sew in myself…yes I braided my hair- after much trial and error- and kept the extensions in for around two months with three separate installs. I took them out three weeks ago, and must say it definitely caused insane shedding.

Can’t Shake N Go This Feelin Anymore:

There’s a part of it that is nice and addicting- having the extensions feel secure, being able to wash them as much as you want, not worrying about someone pulling on them and ripping your real hair out…feeling like “I woke up like this.”

I recently had my hair bleached proper, and the colorist told me I cannot have extensions or weave for three weeks! There’s honestly a part of me that has retried braiding my hair already and almost going for it again…but then I stop myself and think of all those edgeless girls.

Have you ever experienced the post-extension blues? Comment below.

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