Re-Weave Relief: I’m Sew In!

After my previous post, “Post Extension Blues,” I heeded my colorist’s warning not to install extensions or weave my hair for at least THREE WEEKS! I turned to wide brim hats, fedoras, and caps after experiencing hair-loss from wearing other people’s hair and processing my own from darkest brown to platinum blonde repeatedly…both DIY and professionally (I’m against fur but wear human all the time 😈) .

I have been using a regimin of Nioxin shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment, and Minoxidil 5%. I have found it to bee less damaging and more nourishing than their older formuli. I have bravely resumed Finasteride, given that I experienced extreme depression and anxiety when I was on Propecia in college: I went from performing on stage and leading large groups in college to becoming a recluse.

Hair, Hairloss, and Hair Replacement are viewed differently among the sexes. People seem to think men should be comfortable going bald, shaving their heads, and should not resort to hair replacement whereas it is commonplace and acceptable for their female counterparts. Although women get more sympathy understandably, it seems a double standard. For me, hair is an extension of fashion and style, it is a part of and compliments your identity and look. I have played with hair color, wigs, extensions and weaves for years, and began my hair journey after college.

I tried glue-in extensions- people thought I was a rock star overnight: removing a few glued in tracks gave me the confidence to try adding even more in the next time, which was s disaster. I was bent over in the shower, trying to cut out and support the weight of my faux locks. I attempted to use a protector that was water soluble, but added the glue-removing oil erroneously rather than washing it off. Needless to say, I never glued in hair afterward.

I attempted my first sew-in shortly thereafter, and struggled to make braids or cornrows for hours. I succeeded nonetheless, and really enjoyed the security and comfort of the sew-in method: I could wash and comb my hair and wasn’t worried about the tracks falling out.

I am currently installing a new sew-in and honestly feel the Reweave Relief. I feel more confident with an unrealistic hair density and am ready for a change: I can’t wait to chop off my 70’s trend length, although I hope I can bear it long enough to do a 70’s look book. Bye bye man-bun!

Comment below: share your thoughts and experiences with extensions, weaves, hair-loss and hair-replacement.

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