Masking My Beauty: Clientele Facial Masque

Because steaming my face caused me to break out, I decided to try this Clientele Facial Mask, which uses English China White Clay- a delicate type of Kaolin clay that’s great for normal or dry skin-types because it does not draw oil or moisture from the skin like other types of clay.  I am used to using French Green Clay, a type of Illite clay that is great for oily skin because it does draw oil from pores.

The mask itself was very strong, and it felt like fumes were going into my eyes, and gave my whole face this intense tingling sensation.  It did work to calm my skin down though, and was very different from the French Green Clays I’m used to- it was much more dry and actually messier because of that (it flaked off during removal).

french green clay mask, beauty, skin-care, clear skin

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*Stay tuned to my blog and my Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty YouTube Channel, as I’ll be explaining the different types of clays and their uses.

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