Blackheads: Pore Strips Vs. Pore Tool

Pore Strip for Blackhead removal; beauty, skincare, skin-care, clear skin.

I have been breaking out and thus did masks and gave myself facials.  I bought some pore strips and was surprised to see it come off absolutely clean, except for the residue of the strip itself.  I was waiting for the horror like you see in YouTube videos, and couldn’t decide if I was pleased my facials had worked so well or disappointed the strip didn’t do anything.

I use a pore and blackhead clearing tool, which has loops at each end, and it does require a bit of pressure and trial and error to learn how to use each end.  The wire loop is for whiteheads and or clearing regular pores on your face; the flat thicker loop is for blackheads…I really feel like this end is too difficult to use or requires too much pressure, so I pinch the skin with the tool and use my finger.

Clear skin, as you’ll hear me say time and again, is constant upkeep and requires you wash, tone, and clear your pores regularly.  I have been steaming my skin, which is good for it, but that’s really the reason for the breakouts- it causes everything to come to the surface.  Why do you need a toner? Because you have to restore the skin’s natural PH balance- this also helps remove any sebum (the source of blackheads).  Stay tuned to my blog and my Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Vlog YouTube Channel, as I’ll be going into PH balance more in-depth.

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