Kawaii Jewelry By Perry Uwanawich

Kawaii and Pastel Goth Accessories designed by fashion and accessories designer Perry Uwanawich.  They’re Hand-made and painted: I didn’t use any molds.  Kawaii is an Asian trend, it means “Cute.”  Pastel Goth is another trend that has been around for several years, it contrasts pastel colors and cute accessories with dark gothic elements, which I think is such a cool juxtaposition.

I’ve been sculpting for many years, and when I saw someone making Kawaii Charms on YouTube, I couldn’t help but make my own.  My personal style and designs are transformative, trendy, and aren’t all goth or pastel goth- they’ve been high fashion and mainstream ready to wear as well.  I tend to design based on whatever inspires me, trends or people that are unique- and obviously right now I’m inspired by alternative style.  We’ve seen fashion move toward the 90’s, goth, grunge for Fall/Winter 2015 and well into Fall/Winter 2016 given Fashion Week shows featured collars, slip dresses, dark lips…the trend isn’t going anywhere soon.  In fact, Pantone named two pastel colors the colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, which was also a big inspiration for some of my designs…and my hair color, which was pink until I added lavender recently.

  • Grey Alien head (it’s blue, but they’re called The Greys).
  • Lollipop, “Fuck You” heart candy, and Benadryl pill Kawaii Charms.
  • Coffin Earring in blue with a pink contrasting cross.

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