Face The Future: Makeup Robots

The Future Looks Fabulous: Are You DTF?

We print directly onto garments in Direct to Garment printing, something I’ve utilized with my own fashion designs, but what’s to stop you from printing directly onto face? DTF? Maybe we’ll have to rename that one, haha!

Makeup Robot, spray makeup, makeup printer.

Well, we might have to wait up to two years for the whole full face printing, but…3D printing has allowed for the innovation of finally having your perfect shade! This little thingy scans your skin tone, then mixes up your perfect match using 75,000 colors…all ethnicities rejoice 🙌🏻. It’s called the Adorn 3D Makeup Pen.



Sci-Fi Fab: Shocking Color!

e-ink makeup and cosmetics that change colorThe new industrial revolution, that of the tech world, is truly venturing into some exciting arenas, many of them focused on printing- 3D printing, now full-face printing…you know you want the Chanel compact from The Fifth Element right now!  Well, not only will it be available sooner than you thought…but remember the secretary who was instantly changing her nail color with a stylus?  Yeah, you’ll be able to do that to your nail color and makeup as well, with the power of electricity and E-Inks, pigments which change color when effected by an electric wand.

(Photos: Marie Claire, Adorn Photos Daily Mail)

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