Nights In White [Silk]

Silk Satin Sheets for beautyI’ve long been a fan of satin sheets and pillowcases, and have very recently switched to Silk. It feels very cool, soft, sleek…luxurious, and is great for your skin and hair.

Once, I had friends try to have sex on my satin sheets…luckily I caught those fuckers in the act. Bitch, how dare you disrespect the satin sheets like that? Let’s just say friend no mo,’ ho ho ho 😒. 😛 Wait…where those satin sheets at? Damn, someone stole my sheets girl! 😱 Hundreds down the drain. 🤑

I’m really enjoying my silk pillowcase right now….as I write this 😴💤. I feel like my hair is too…though I need to go wash off my makeup boo 🤔👻. Brb…

The moral of the story is- buy satin or silk sheets for you, and if your friends try to screw on it, kick those nasty bitches out yo’ house…wash those sheets (make sure to read the instructions), then enjoy and luxuriate in yo bed in solitude….because your lover still counts as just soil-ation.

(photo: amazon)

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