ZAC Zac Posen

Zac Posen, known for his gorgeous gowns, has seemingly watered down his designs for ZAC Zac Posen to the extent that they look like horrible dresses from the dust-bunny ridden back of the plus-size clearance section.  Other than the jackets, there’s absolutely nothing memorable or outstanding about the collection.

ZAC zac posen fall/winter 2015 ZAC_Zac_Posen_03_1366-1 ZAC_Zac_Posen_04_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_08_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_10_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_12_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_13_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_15_1366-1 ZAC_Zac_Posen_16_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_17_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_19_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_20_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_21_1366 ZAC_Zac_Posen_23_1366

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