Tess Giberson

It was wise to shoot the collection in front of huge prints, because it made the photos look picturesque.  A black and white background, pale models in light creams and whites…the mop coat.  There’s an elegance and androgyny to the layered looks which is reminiscent of Ann Demeulemeester’s collections. The sleeves ending in fingerless gloves is a nice touch- moving past the thumb-hole sleeves of decades past.  Love the shirt-dresses.  Overall, the layering and styling is very cool aside from the overdone knits.

Tess_Giberson_01_1366 Tess_Giberson_04_1366 Tess_Giberson_05_1366 Tess_Giberson_08_1366 Tess_Giberson_11_1366 Tess_Giberson_12_1366 Tess_Giberson_17_1366 Tess_Giberson_18_1366 Tess_Giberson_19_1366 Tess_Giberson_20_1366 Tess_Giberson_21_1366

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