Derek Lam Fall/Winter 2015

Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_05_1366 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_06_1366 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_09_1366 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_10_1366 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_11_1366 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_12_1366 Derek_Lam_10_Crosby_16_1366  Derek Lam took the 70’s trend to an eerie place.  Marsha, Marsha, Mr. Rodgers?  Bold plaids on stiff textured sweaters and coats, a horrid blue jumpsuit… Basically, anything not cute about the 70’s was shown.  I am curious about the suit with the long jacket, but it’s covered by an atrocious sweater.  The picnic plaid with the shorts and the velvet thigh-high boots…is just classy and timeless, ; )

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