Gary Graham

Gary Graham’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection was dark, chic, and a muddled mess: this bag lady likes to wear it all at once.

gary graham fall/winter 2015 Gary_Graham_003_1366 Gary_Graham_004_1366 Gary_Graham_005_1366 Gary_Graham_006_1366 Gary_Graham_007_1366 Gary_Graham_010_1366 Gary_Graham_012_1366 Gary_Graham_013_1366 Gary_Graham_014_1366 Gary_Graham_015_1366 Gary_Graham_016_1366 Gary_Graham_017_1366 Gary_Graham_018_1366 Gary_Graham_019_1366 Gary_Graham_020_1366 Gary_Graham_021_1366 Gary_Graham_022_1366 Gary_Graham_023_1366

The asymmetrical velvet top was draped and cut uniquely, and created an illusion with the skirt matching the background.  The evolution of his jackets, from the first looking more close to the 70’s trend, to the 2nd in denim and 3rd in leather, was interesting.  I felt like the knit was too deconstructed, so some of the looks looked a little bag lady, minus the chic.  Others, however, were chic, such as the layered look with the navy blue cropped jacket paired with the striped sheer shirt-dress and matching pants.  The rest seemed all over the place- I felt like grandma quilted with fur and leather and paisley after seeing an Incan…later sewing the ottoman into a jacket…the drapes into the black dress…

I feel like the more edited looks, the asymmetrical top layered beneath the jacket, for instance, looked more inspired: I’d tailor the pants more but love the contrast of texture, color, and sheen.  I think editing would’ve really elevated the collection- the black jacket with contrast lace sleeves is amazing, yet it’s paired with another of Granny’s sewing crafts- this one a table cloth, some doilies and black chiffon…Granny likes her wine.

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