Saint Laurent Fall 2019

Saint Laurent Fall 2019 UV ReactiveSaint Laurent Fall 2019 UV Reactive glowing garments

Can we all just be bio-luminescent in Saint Laurent Fall 2019 and live our best lives?  I NEED every freaking piece of menswear! Who cares if Saint Laurent is marching to the beat of its own drum, still on that same aesthetic from like four seasons ago? (…I said Four Seasons).  There was a multitude of wearable, timeless, chic yet edgy looks in the collection that could really elevate and reinvigorate any wardrobe.

With the continuation of it’s 80’s aesthetic- big shoulder pads, huge bowed cocktail dresses, and rockstar style, the Saint Laurent Fall 2019 runway show incorporated few current trends into the collection- bishop sleeves and frill collars, wide brim fedoras, a subtle nod to the western shirt yoke, and striped black and silver boots…but stood on its own for the most part.  The U.V. Reactive garments really shone, and was certainly an unexpected finale.



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