At Home Fat Freezer?

At Hone Fat Freezer? Cryolipolysis or cold lipolysis using fat Freezer cold sculpting cool sculpting I’m currently “Freezing” my fat away in a slight amount of discomfort using the fat Freezer System.

The technique is based on cryolipolysis, although this gadget claims to use cold lipolysis technology, and also states that’s the “frozen” fat cells are naturally absorbed after apoptosis (it does, however, contain the typo “eliminatesthe” right there on the box). I can say that whilst writing this paragraph it has gone from a laughable less cold than an ice pack to more of a reassuring discomfort as the machine’s warming, errr…cooling down. It makes a low level hum due to the fan(s), and I am tethered to the outlet, trying to tend to a dog whilst I’m ironically on a leash of sorts myself.

I’ve had it on for roughly 24 minutes in one area on my belly. It is now numb at the 29 minute mark…do I dare do one side only and document the results? You’ll have to subscribe to this blog and my YouTube Channel SubversiveStyle to find out!

Moving the device to the next area, I can feel the treated area and would describe the skin as feeling like a refrigerated chicken breast…not a frozen one, but you don’t want to get frost bite or have the flesh become necrotic so we’ll see how this baby works over time. The treated areas appear slightly pink but it fades within the same day. After 30 minutes, the fan starts to emit warm air, and while the plate is still cold, the plastic feels like warm with the skin under the belt feeling even warmer- most likely due to it being made of synthetic fibers.

It powers off automatically at 30 or 60 minutes depending on which button you press, and doesn’t seem to get too warm within the one hour time frame.

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