H2-Oh-No: Hard Water Irritates Skin!

Can water irritate your skin if it’s soft or hard, or due to the chemicals infused within it? Yes! 

According to an article on Hard Water Dermatitis posted on DermaHarmony.com, “Hard water is a common culprit in the fight against dry skin,” and defines hard water as “highly alkaline.”  I will be going into PH balance in a later post and video, so subscribe to my blog and YouTube Channel: UwanaWhat.

I recently talked about an eczema breakout I had…all over my torso and spreading to my upper thighs and forearms slightly.  I’d never had eczema before, and I hadn’t done anything different other than using a Dial body wash in grapefruit scent…which I stopped using, yet the eczema worsened.  I concluded it was the water- my skin felt dry and while I didn’t used to apply lotion after a shower, I started applying it in addition to using Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil all over my body and…surprise, it cleared it up over the course of a few weeks.  I know the oil’s ingredients counteract or cure eczema and psoriasis…so I highly recommend it; I used it for a while before adding the the lotion (Lubriderm then switched to
Bliss Body Butter in Lemon Sage, which I’m a huge long-time fan of). I also recommend getting into the routine of moisturizing your face and body regularly- it’s said you should do so within a minute of getting out of the shower.

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