Strong Nails: Secrets and Tips

The secrets to growing out your natural nails so that they are strong and healthy are simpler and easier than you think.

1. Clip them only when soaked.
2. No filing…I clip them to shape them.
3. Try a nail treatment: Tratamiento Curativo De Uñas.
4. Don’t Use them like tools, use a can opener, bottle opener…

Gel and acrylic nails are damaging, you will have to ween yourself off, talk to your nail tech about going natural…it can be a process.  Use common sense: don’t use your nails as tools, don’t open cans and boxes with them…occaisionally, you’re going to have to let things fall as dropping things can make you nail-clumsy.

Try applying fake nails, unless you already have gel or acrylic nails, I mean press- on nails, and see how long you can keep them on…this can act like training wheels for learning how delicate your nails are, and will teach you what you can and can’t do when growing out your nails.  I never appreciated how difficult it is for women to grow out their nails until I got claws last Halloween…  Those claws taught me how easy it is to break your nails, and I learned how to handle objects in a way that was nail-safe 💅🏻  It will take time and practice, as well as patience, but growing out your nails and restoring their natural strength is possible.

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