How I Bleach and Tone My Hair:

I do the bleaching process in 2 days, using L’Oreal 30vol Developer and either Quick Blue Bleach Powder for on-scalp or Super Oreal Blanc for off-scalp. To tone I use Wella T18 and a 20vol cream developer, leaving it on for 30min.

I do the bleaching process in two days, then wait a few days and tone.

To Bleach

  1. Section the hair.
  2. Mix powder bleach with 20-30 volume developer: you are not supposed to use 40 volume developer on the skin, and 30 volume is warned against as well, so consult with someone on your hair color (my hair is really dark brown).  *Use gloves to avoid burning the skin on your hands.
  3. If bleaching all of the hair root to tip, begin 1″ from the root, starting at the nape, working around the sides of the head, and then the crown last as the heat from your scalp makes that area process faster.  If retouching roots, apply from the root to the end of the regrowth.
  4. Rinse, Shampoo, and deep condition (if you’re toning right after don’t condition).

To Tone

  1. Section the hair.
  2. Mix toner with suggested volume developer in a measuring cup or bowl. *Use gloves.
  3. Again, begin at the sides and the nape, and apply to the crown last.  I suggest, if you’re touching up your roots, you focus on the regrowth first, then work it from root to tip after a few minutes.  Follow the suggested time (Wella T18 suggests 30min).
  4. Rinse and shampoo.
  5. Deep condition: this is vital, if you don’t deep condition after bleaching your hair it  will be dry, straw like and damaged- this is something I’ve learned cannot be made up for later, so don’t blow dry and go…

See my previous post on my bleaching and beauty process: “High Man-tainance.”

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