Paris Fashion Week SS16: The Bad and the Blah

There were several collections either too boring, safe, or so unflattering I couldn’t see feigning a discussion, so I decided to group them together.


Contradictory to it’s name, the collection was safe and ugly.


I never like Margiela’s looks…if you were to see these photos without knowing who made the looks, you’d honestly think, “This is a young designer who needs several years to figure out cut, proportion, and execution…the seams and looks are so stiff they float above the models’ bodies.”  The most interesting things about Margiela SS16 were the wigs and guys in womenswear…not the fashion.

Guy Laroche:

The Guy Laroche SS16 seriously has me wondering if it was cut-and-sew deconstructed and reconstructed from donated garments, like what we’re H&M recycling clothing.  It’s truly some cut-and-sew rags that are grotesquely altering the models bodies…the clutch with that look honestly makes the model look handicapped.

Yang Li:

Yang Li’s SS16 collection looks truly thoughtless and unintentional, and if I was to sum it up in one word it’d be “ugly.” If Ann Demeulemeester had a tasteless baby with Calvin Klein, it would be Yang Li.  The garments look like they were made out of muslin that was wrung dry, and the construction and execution was so confusingly distasteful: there is a lack of design, a misunderstanding of the word aesthetic, a disregard for construction and styling, on and on.  I am praying those models are wearing huge backpacks and that those straps are not sewn to the dresses…but we both know they are.

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