Ethics in Beauty & Fashion

I found myself wondering, while washing my makeup brushes, are these Cruelty Free?  I’m so against fur I know I’ve never bought it, but could natural fiber brushes be a source I overlooked?

       Ethics in fashion and beauty has, in recent times, been referred to as one of those topics with which, “where do you draw the line?” I suppose until you watch the videos of animals being skinned alive, then piled up in a flatbed- still alive and left to suffer, you have no valid point in the argument other than you like it, so there.  

   With brands like Fendi showing an all-fur couture collection and having fur be such a prominent motif of the rtw collection, what with Karlito, Bag Bugs and the like taken from four different species of animal, it seems Cruella is embodied still in the ruthless greedy designers of our time.  How do we as consumers affect such mass murder of cute and fluffies? Don’t buy fur! Don’t support brands that harm animals in any way, whether it be skinning them or testing products on them.  Personally, I shave my fur off so why would I go dig up some to put on? I’d rather go naked than wear fur! 

   You have neither the right nor the voice to demand fur, and if you still do wear and buy fur- you’re ignorant and need to watch the video and pray your heart grows a few sizes. If you produce fur- you’re evil and will be boycotted.

   Recent outrage over Cecil the Lion seemed disproportionate considering designers slaughter millions of animals yearly- is it exposure to images, or is it that one species is viewed as more regal or sacred than others? What of the lions legally hunted? 

   Stella McCartney’s also come under scrutiny after a video I dared not watch was released showing sheep skinned alive: she has discontinued using such wool.  Lastly, Hermés also had a spot light shone disgracefully on a source of its croc and gator skin, for which Birkin requested to have her name disassociated with the brand and bag. Hermés responded with a statement, claiming an investigation would be done and that it slaughters in accordance with laws…

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  1. The skinning 😦 terrible, That broke my heart.

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