Top 10 Hair Styling Products

Granted Bed Head landed four spots at the top, but I love their products: I used them all throughout my teen and college years.  These products all worked miracles for my naturally curly hair.

There are many different types of products you can use to achieve very different hair styles and looks.

  • Gel: wet look, hard texture, medium to strong hold.
  • Hairspray: dry look with a stiff or sticky texture, sets a blowdried, flat ironed, or curled look well.
  • Mouse (whip): works like a gel but in a much softer way to help loosen curls.
  • Serum: anti-friz product applied before styling.
  • Glue: like gel, but turned up a level.
  • Pomade: like a wax but either creamier or smoother.
  • Wax: like a glue but sticky and dryer.
  1. Bed Head Cocky Hair Gluetigi-bed-head-cocky-thickening-paste-416x416
  2. Bed Head Hard Head Spray/Gel
  3. Bed Head After Partybed head after party
  4. Bed Head Control Freaktigi_bed_head_control_freak_serum_tratamento_250ml
  5. American Crew Pomade7972794
  6. Sebastiene Xtah Twisted Taffy31EKl-8jHtL
  7. Pantene No Crunch Curls Whip0008087805434_500X500
  8. L’Oreal Ever Style Strong Hold Styling Spray300
  9. L’Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Curls Mousseloreal-vive-pro-glossy-style-glossy-curls-mousse
  10. Got2B Gluedf1960e1caa2cde9d0560fc71fac54026th-5

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