Shaving Face & Body: No Bumps


I have had a hate relationship with shaving since adolescence. I would get razor burn on my neck. I tried every type of razor (2-5 blades), purchased different types of shave gels from men’s brands to Neutrogena’s, and settled with Nivea’s sensitive formula foam.

I did love the Bliss Bikini Perfect but although the multitool (epilator shaver) was convenient, it wasn’t geared toward shaving your face or body. The Bliss ingrown pads did nothing for me.

The thing that changed my life was the Phillips Norelco Body Groom. I have found this to be the solution all on its own- I no longer get those razor bumps I suffered through high school and college with!

I was never able to shave my body before as that would be a red hot mess- literally- but the Body Groom eliminates the issue for some reason. I have not been paid for this post, and highly recommend you try it. I do love to use it dry or with the shaving foam in the shower as it’s waterproof.

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