The Tyra Banks Smize & Facial Muscle Contour Fakeout

I saw Tyra Banks transform her face in seconds with facial muscle contractions on Top Model. It was so impressive I had to figure it out: You lift your ears and contract the cheek muscles. This will give the appearance of cheek bones, and, I think, exercise your face. It makes you look contoured and like you’ve applied bronzer in photos.
Begin by smiling: locate the muscles that cause the cheekbones to contract. Practice smiling, holding those muscles contracted and releasing the smile. This will help you isolate the muscles on the cheek bones.
I am not sure how to explain how I raise my ears- it feels like lifting your forehead in the same way people lift their brows when surprised. You should feel the contraction wrap around your head and lift the ears.

Also, the Smize is the smile of the eyes. Relax the top lid, slightly squint, look off into the distance beyond the camera. Smile and notice the effect that alone has on the eyes- it’s a slight squint, a tightening of the outer corner.
A way I coached models on the Smize was to have them close their eyes, slowly open and look into the mirror and or camera.

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  1. hey 🙂 this is really cool, such a difference!! Can you go into more detail about how to lift your ears and cheek muscles? or direct me to the original source you learnt from, i would be so grateful ,thanks xx


    1. uwanawhat says:

      I will, I’ll also do a video on it at some point. UwanaWhat on YouTube. I’ll update the post. Thanks,



  2. your wonderful, thank you xx


  3. Im still not “getting” it lol, cant wait for the video xx


    1. uwanawhat says:

      I was thinking I need to do that soon 😘


    2. uwanawhat says:

      Video up 😘


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